There is something about seeing my company/brand logo on a tangible item that just makes me smile. Whether it’s a business card, letterhead, an invoice (ha!), a t-shirt, or custom USB drives, it helps to create a cohesive experience for your client and customers.

These custom USB drives are very popular and widely-used by photographers; however, when USB Memory Direct reached out to me to partner with them, I decided to use my personal brand instead of my photography brand since I deliver images through online galleries.

The funny thing is that I forgot that my laptop doesn’t even have a USB drive (thanks, Apple). I have to use a hub that connects to my USB-C port so that I can use USB drives/plugs.

When I have the need to transfer a ton of large images at once for a client and don’t want to deal with uploading or taking up storage space, I’ll dump photos on to a USB drive and hand it to them at our next meeting in person. Similarly, clients also can transfer files quickly to me using this same method. These custom printed USB drives will make it super easy to do that and also provides another branding opportunity and impression.

I selected the wooden USB flash drive design for a minimal, modern, professional look and style, and asked to have my logo printed in full color. I think they turned out beautifully. The lid is magnetic and helps keep it secured, a nice feature. They come in a variety of storage capacities, all the way up to 128 gb, but can be customized to your needs.

Working with Taylor at USB Memory Direct was a seamless experience. She was extremely helpful and provided lots of suggestions as I was selecting the type of flash drive I wanted. Once the order was placed, it was promptly delivered in just a few days.

I keep a couple of these drives in my work bag at all times just in case I ever need one in a pinch. It will happen sooner than I think.

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